I started this Blog because I wanted to see where this road will take me. There has been a long duration of my life where I wrote a lot, but none of it was worthy to be put on a blog. I loved imagination and fantasy, but a lot of people have shamed me for it. I never want anyone to feel alone with their imagination or be embarrassed like I have. It’s not wrong to fathom a wonderland. It is not wrong to be a writer or an artist. Its not a question of believing it’s a question on if it can be fathomed.

I had a lot of people ask me to give up my imagination because they did not understand. You can imagine things got aggravating really fast. Even my closest of friends seemed to have differing views, but I had to decide for myself. I questioned my life and the imagination I had, but for reasons that I will expand on later, I decided to keep my imagination. I nearly deleted my Face book due to how my friends seemed to divide against each other with their opinions of imagination. TO put it simply they did not like how I lived my life with imaginary friends. That for the longest time bothered me.

I assume that you are trying to figure out why I am making a Blog that is inspired by what seems to be a childish fantasy. Are imaginary friends not supposed to be for children? If you knew the back story of all my characters you would know that there is a little more to it than that. Depression and anxiety can be very difficult. After all I have to live with my own decisions and my own responsibilities.

There is not a whole lot of personal stories on the internet about imaginary friends. Look up the word “Tulpa” and you will find a wealth of knowledge and even scary stories, but nothing on a personal level. Tulpas are in simple terms, imaginary friends. They are harmless constructs of the imagination. I created my first one a little more than ten years ago. This was when communication was not my thing. I did not know how to ask for help or communicate my problems effectively.

I know what its like to hide from life’s problems. I know what its like to be told I am better. If I am better, then I choose to be better differently. I choose to face my problems with my imagination. I am different because I choose to be. I want to show the world that being different is not a bad thing. This is what this blog is about.

This Blog is for anyone who either has an imagination with Tulpas or is open minded to create one. My idea is to give you something to help with anxiety and depression. After all that is what I did and for the most part it worked. It worked better than any medication that I have ever been on. I can’t promise that the same results will happen for you, but there is no sense in not trying.

Ever since I created my first Tulpa I found relief and although I had trouble along the way I never felt alone. God even felt closer than he had before. We call it our wander land. This activity will give you something to think about other than the depressive thoughts you are dealing with right now. I know I am fighting my doubts over who I am in life, but this brings me back to my main point. I really want to know where this road will take me. Its more than a question. It is my calling to be a fathomistic writer and artist.

End Notes: I was going to wait till Monday to publish this, but I don’t see where I can improve it. This will be the final draft.

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