Daily Diary 1

Rough sketch

     First off I want to let you all know that I have something written for the last part of Imaginative heart. I used it as an essay and I want to be sure I can rewrite it for this blog without getting into trouble for copying my own work. Anyway, you are probably reading this and wondering what this is. I have had my diary on other websites and finally decided to put it on my Blog that I am paying for. I also want to include images and stuff where the other website I am on is a little limited.

For my daily diaries I tend to go with a diary prompt and then free write it. Because this is a diary I am not going to worry too much about editing too much. I am also going to use my Diaries to brainstorm possible Blog posts that will carry a name like my current one has been. (Imaginative heart) I am going to be thinking about content for my new series soon. I want to take a little break to put it together as well.

Why a diary

     Some may wonder why would anyone keep a diary much less a public one. For me it has to do with being transparent. I hate the idea of being something I am not. So much so that I rather people reading my personal thoughts as opposed to hiding in a box. I want people to accept me for who I am instead of something that I created to gain popularity.

I keep a personal diary hidden away because it is necessary. There is nothing wrong with keeping a private diary, but rather hiding who you are is in my opinion a terrible sacrifice. The only way that I can love who I am is to put all this out there. If one does not love who they are then there is little hope for the love of human kind.

I don’t know who I would be if I hid who I was away in a private diary. There are parts of me that is unnecessary to make public. I would not be much of a friend their secrets known (Tulpa or otherwise.) The reason find some people’s personalities beautiful or ugly is because I get to see how people act when they know exactly who I am and that is my greatest treasure in my writing and artwork.

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