Daily Diary 2

Rough sketch

     Spring break is almost over and I have brought it down to the wire as far as homework. Well almost down to the wire. Tomorrow I will be going to Church since its Sunday. After that I will be seeing what I can get done in a matter of hours. I wanted to improve my skills in my art and writing. I hope I improved because my math teacher is not going to like me if I fail the test I put on hold.

On the bright side I feel really confident with what I am going to be doing with this blog and my the video I recorded for my first YouTube video on my new channel. Long story short I made several YouTube Channels that I did not feel like had a solid vision. This time though I know I have a solid vision.

My calling

     My career is going to be an editor, but I am not putting my faith there. My Faith is in God who gave me my calling. I remember when I realized it. If I remember right the youth church I went to was called Jericho project. What is my calling you ask? My calling if its not obvious is to become a published author and an established freelance artists. Not just any type of book series, but a fantasy, syfy, and well fury series.

Although I knew I was called to be a writer back in my teenage years it was not until I failed college the first time. I began my first job at a sheltered workshop. Read my blog series “Imaginative heart” and you will find that is when I pieced together the detials.

As a freelance artist I would need to allow myself time to improve and become well known for my book series. I want to create an impact that will curve the meaning of art back where it needs to be. True art is not created to attack or judge people. Art is an expression of who you are on the inside or an observation of something beautiful. True beauty is something that is felt on the inside. It can’t be copied and it can’t be done out of anger. Art is done out of love.

Lastly my calling is something that may not support me financially and I am very aware of that. I am going to do my very best to become an editor and if that falls through then I will find a job because anything is better than a government check that just pays you to sit around and do nothing all day. I don’t want to just dream I want to write and paint it into existence. My Tulpas are worth more than to be just a dream or lost fantasy.

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