Daily Diary 3

Rough Sketch

I did my first YouTube video for my channel Fathemistic Fantasy. The channel is an extension of this blog. I plan on doing tutorials for writers and time laps art for my characters. Its going to be slow until summer begins. I will have more time on my hands during the summer.

As for today I am doing class work. Its the last day of spring break and tomorrow classes continue at my college. I kind of wish I worked on it more through out this week. Live and learn I suppose. Talking of learning, I think today’s diary prompt should be “learning style.”

How I learn

It truly amazes me how much I thought I knew about myself. That is, until I started going to college again. I promised myself that I would do my best not to procrastinate or spend too much time on one subject. Yet I have done it numerous times this semester. I think the biggest thing I learned though is how I learned best. I always thought I did fine reading, but there is more to it then that.

In the past I would study things on my own by taking notes. Again I thought this was the way I learn. Come to find out though I found that I have to read through and not only take notes, but I have to compile them into something shorter. Some how this works best on note cards. That is how I found the best way to start.

I think the next step is to apply it in my activities. Like for math I try to calculate measurements for my craft projects. Finding a use for everything a learn is difficult. I will say that as a writer and an artist its not as hard for other subjects. I thought I would hate political science until I realized that without a government in place there is no story. At least not one that is a good read. Even clans have some sort of politics in place.

I am finding the more I think about it the more I find that I have to be hands on. I have to apply it somehow. Otherwise it won’t stick. Once I have note cards I can then start working on ways to write about what I learned. This is especially true with the Bible. If I don’t include it in my writing from time to time then every Sunday Church service would do absolutely nothing for me. This is true for every class that I have taken.  I have learned so much about myself going to college.

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