Daily Diary 4

Rough sketch

So I have some good news. I talked to my writing teacher and found out that he could care less about what I do with my  first essay. I could turn it into an auto biography for all he cares. So I am going to do some minor editing with it and I will have the last part of “Imaginative Heart” up some time this afternoon.

Sorry about not posting a diary entry yesterday. I came home from school and crashed. I woke up this morning at 7:30. I had to think about what today’s diary is going to be about. Also the diary prompts I come up with is free for anyone who wants to use them. Just don’t think you have to do all of them. I sometimes come up with ones that are a little difficult to post publicly. Today’s prompt is about art.

What makes an artist

If any of you know who Jazza the YouTube artist is then you will know about his statement about how calling yourself makes you an artist. Personally I think about my art I find this kind of definition lacking. When some one draws out a detailed plan of a house or metal parts I don’t count that person as an artist. Don’t get me wrong because I have seen some amazing pieces that were drawings of houses or even still life of a wood clamp.

The true artist is that guy who created art to be art for the soul purpose of creating art. I think we all know that one person in our lives who brags about his status as an artist. Nothing wrong with making yourself known for the job market, but if your doing it just to impress people then it lacks. I had a friend who was legally blind who could see just enough out one eye, but could create amazing line art.

I remember her story about being told to give up because she will never satisfy any one with her art. Some how she cared less about what people thought. She created art for the soul purpose of expressing her life struggles as a blind person. Sure she had a dream to be an animator someday, but who does not have a dream? That is not what I am asking. I am asking why does one create art?

If your creating art for the soul purpose of getting noticed then you might as well burn it. Just so I am making this clear let me tell you a secret. What better way to tell a secret than a public blog, am I right? I find pacifiers fascinating. I love the concept of relaxation from oral fixation. I am not talking about drugs either. I am talking about how a child can peacefully sooth himself just by sucking on a piece of plastic.  One of my favorite things to draw are pacifiers because I just find them fascinating. Does everyone appreciate my pacifier art? Probably not!

The person that is an artist is the guy who can be himself and care less of what people think. His joy is purely the expression of his pencil and brush strokes. He is that guy who could create the most unusual depictions and still be satisfied with it. See its not what art someone creates its the attitude and the purpose the artist makes him an artist. When one creates art as an expression or their own observation its souly art.

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