Daily Diary 5

Rough Sketch

First off I apologize for not keeping up with my daily diary. I have been trying to balance out my homework with my school work. I also have been trying to get a reasonable sleeping pattern going. I am aiming for 9 hours, but because of my calling as an artist/writer and school work I am thinking about pushing myself with fewer hours of sleep. I cannot give up on school and I can’t stop writing and sketching daily. For one thing if I stop sketching daily I will lose everything I have gained through practice.

There is some good news though. I have gotten started on sketching icons and cover art for everything on my Blog. I also gotten approval to do cover art for a project in one of my classes. I am going to try and get permission to publish it on here. The book that I am doing cover art for is a recipe book for low income families surviving on food stamps and food pantries. If you have not guessed it I am doing my prompts today on a “plan B.” I know this is a copy of if I fail, but I kind of think I am going to put something different on this new title.

Plan B

To start off I have been really struggling with my classes. I would not have signed up for 4 classes if I knew I would be facing a plan B option. My writing teacher has made essays several times harder than they needed to be. I even heard a rumor that he uses a software program to grade papers instead of actually reading through them. I am not giving up until I hit academic probation, but if I do my plan is to become an illustrator and freelance artist. Then I will work my way up to publishing my book series with the knowledge I gain from working in book publishing.

I think my biggest problem is my writing class. I at least have my foot in the door on a passing grade in my math class, but I for my writing I am struggling. Aside from that I am struggling with the MLA format. I made it a goal that even if I fail this class I am still going to learn how to cite sources. My Blog is that important to me. That is part of plan B as well. The place I need to start; however, is at the ground.

I plan on starting with the results I get this summer. If I hit academic probation then, my plan will be to get my permit while I am with my family during the summer. I then will get my license with a company that teaches people how to drive. Once I pass drivers test and get my license I will turn in applications to every grocery store within a 10 min drive from my apartment.

Once I get a full time job I will start the next phase of my plan. While it is winter I plan on doing everything I can to build a portfolio and practice my writing. I might even become an editor for the MLP fandom with fim fiction. I want to look presentable with my art and my writing. This brings me to my next phase of my plan.

Instead of doing summer vacations I  on going to everywhere I can to turn in an application to become an illustrator starting with Missouri. I will send letters to try and get interviews and I will present my portfolio the best way I can. If I hit plan B I am not giving up until I get hired as an illustrator or if I make enough money to start saving up for publishing my books.

My final phase of my plan will be to simply finish writing my first and second book so that I can begin editing them. Once they are published I will hold onto my current job until the year comes that I can support myself on my books and artwork.

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