Daily Diary 7

Rough Sketch

I have been busy with homework. I am kind of behind, but I am still determined to pass all my classes. I am doing an all nighter right now with my intor to college class. Funny story is I took this class 3 times so far and only failed it once. Its aggravating how credits like these don’t transfer so I have to take them over again.

I have two ideas I am working on in my free time for the YouTube channel of this blog. Just know I am still at it just busy. As for to days topic I just googled it. I found one that I liked, but as always I am going to tweak it a little. Where does one find peace? Well it certainly is not a grave yard at least not for me.

A peaceful place

I know I am weird for this, but the most peaceful place to me is in my room where all my stuffed animals are. That is where I like to meditate and envision my wonderland. Grant it I have not done it a whole lot lately due to homework.

Funny thing is my room is a mess right now because of my broken bed. My parents are going to get me a new one as soon as one of them has a chance. I would love to have a simple camping cot. My bedroom has a lot of book shelves and I love having my stuffed animals line my book shelves.

Truth said my parents hate the idea of a camping cot because they think it will cause me problems. Truth said I had to sleep on a cot when I was at my friends house during this week end. I usually wake up with back problems, but this time I didn’t. Not sure how that worked, but I am not complaining though.

Yea, best place for me to day dream is in my room. I am probably the only college student who enjoys the solitude of a room full of books and stuffed animals. If I had the time I would do a lot of reading and a lot more writing.

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