A secret to put to rest

Before I go into detail I want to let everyone know that I am going to be trying to write more often again. FB is a pain for doing diary entries and or short journals for status updates. Editing is really hard to do with the inability to click and place the cursor at the beginning of paragraphs. So needless to say I will be doing diary entries a lot more often.

Today’s Diary

I am not sure if I mentioned it yet, but I have some things I hate hiding. I mentioned tulpas, but I am not sure if I delved into my little side yet. A big part of my imaginary wonderland is being able to imagine my self as my OC being treated as I child. Is the mic loud enough for everyone to hear me?

I am going to tell you guys something I don’t open up about in public very often. I don’t talk about it much due to how it freaks some people out. That and its difficult for me to talk about when I am not sure how people will react. At least on this Blog I know that people will take me seriously and only ask honest questions.

I am not sure exactly why, but little things calm me and help me focus. When I really need it, I go into my wonderland and Seria my Tulpa takes care of me like a little child. When I just need to focus I use a pacifier and keep at it with my task at hand. It has helped me so many times and I honestly can’t explain why. The only thing I can think of is the fact I have Asperger syndrome and a history of a TBI.

I am putting the series Tulpas and the Bible on hold, so I can start one on my little side. I feel like getting it out there will create a resource for me to give to people. Before you ask: I am not worried about this affecting my future plans for a career. I made up my mind on living an open book life. I will of course explain this in more detail with the new series I have planned. (The Baby-Fur Wonderland)


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