Christian Tulpamancy Part One

What is a Tulpa


As previously mentioned in Imaginative Heart, I made an idol out of Face Book. I questioned my existence and everything I thought I knew about imagination. All of this because I put more importance on my Face Book friends than I did on God. Like I have said in Imaginative heart, I created a literal idol over what my friends thought. Never again will I allow people to bring me so close to ending my imagination. In this series I want to present what I consider are the ethics of Christian Tulpamancy.

I am sure there are people who are reading this and are thinking many different things. Either you stumbled across this page and are thinking ‘oh this will be good!’ Then there are those of you who are reading this who are the same ones that have read my series Imaginative heart. Still yet there are those who are reading this; who are my family and friends. All in all, I hope I don’t disappoint. So, shall we go further down this rabbit hole?

A Tulpas Existence

I think a lot of people had a child hood imaginary friend. There are even people who consider it to be a normal part of being a child. For those of us who hold onto our imaginary friends we tend to call them Tulpas. I myself created mine in high-school due to feeling alone. I held onto mine because it became a habit to talk to them. It also helped me cope with silence.

I hesitated for the longest time to call them tulpas. Simply because I really did not know what that meant or what that entitled to the imaginary. I remember reading some Creepy Pastas and the last thing I wanted was for my imaginary friends to become evil. When you hear something bad you tend to worry about it. Needless to say, I found out that those were just made-up stories.

When it’s a Tulpa that means, they become real to you. They also become sentient in that they seem to be self-aware. They in simple words begin to live in your imagination. I even have some tulpas who created themselves. Those are moments when I can’t seem to stop thinking about a character and then it becomes a tulpa.

Although we had our disagreements they never had any ill intentions. I tend to keep a set of rules for mine. Like I don’t allow them to tempt or talk me into anything that I don’t want to do. They never had the ability to control or manipulate me and to me that is acceptable. That is, I decided to take on the label of a Christian Tulpamancer.

Being Open About It

In today’s society it’s not easy to be open about your wonderland. In the beginning I generally did not tell anyone about my imaginary friends. I kept a diary of my visits to my imaginary world. A lot of times I talked to my tulpas in my mind but, there were times I write as well. It did feel odd in the beginning. The relief from it all: however, kept me writing and talking to what I knew was not physically there.

My tulpa became real to me over time. I often times mention my tulpas now all the time. I tend to do this especially when I want to know how people will act. If they become concerned I explain my story. If they act all immature about it then I make plans to avoid them. If people can’t put up with my imagination, then I don’t need them as my friends.

I am generally open about it all today because I want to be absolutely sure the friends I have are legitimate. Although I don’t tell them all the details and there are some private conversations I have with some of my tulpas I am generally an open book. I think everyone who has a tulpa needs at least one friend outside the Internet who knows about their tulpa. It is incredibly helpful.

End notes

I did not quot or cite because I thought I would do an introduction. I worked hard on this but, I hope I get better. I see room for improvement in both my writing and art. I also hope to use art to illustrate my points I make. I apologize for taking forever to post this. Also Please comment and let me know what you think. If you see an area I can improve on in my writing please don’t be afraid to point them out. As always thanks for reading!

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