Update Spring 2019

Recent events

I have not been posting much and really did not have the time to write. Even so, I seemed to have come to a dead stop in my Engineering Education. It has become very apparent that I can’t stop writing for long periods of time. It affects me mentally and even spiritually. A lot of people tell me that they understand that its therapeutic. I find this to be a huge understatement. I sometimes wish I could trade my secondary education for a career in art and writing.


Don’t get me wrong I don’t disagree with how it’s all therapeutic. On the other hand people don’t get that this is my calling. Why would it have such a big impact on me if it wasn’t? So, I made the decision to give my dream of being an engineer up for Gods vision for my life. I will be working on my book series, this Blog, and my public diary. I will provide a link in the notes of this post to my public diary. I will be doing a lot of my updates and behind the scenes there.


I will focus on having a plan “B” in play if I fail to become financially stable. I plan on getting a technical degree in electrical trades. I want to be trained how to work with transformers and power supplies anyway. Oh, I am not giving up my hobby in electronics that easily. I plan on teaching myself advanced math such as calculus and analytical geometry. I even plan on teaching myself advanced circuit analysis. I did not spend hundreds on discreet electronic components just so they can sit on my shelf to gather dust.


As for this blog I have a plan to go over how I created my tulpas and wonderland in greater detail than what I wrote in “Imaginative Heart.” I even plan on going over methods that I would recommend people to use if they themselves want to create tulpas and a wonderland. I can’t guarantee this is the best method and its surely not the only one available but, it has worked for me. It has worked so well that I really can’t imagine my life without them. I even talk to them when I go to bed at night.


End notes

Oh my I am a bit rusty at this. I forgot to add the end notes. I will be working on a some new cover art before Easter is over. I have so much writing to do so, stay tuned and I will not disappoint.

As promised here is the link to my Public diary.


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